SureFire Forex Trading Course

Don't ask me how I managed to pull this off, but I did. I have managed to talk Mark McRae into letting my subscribers be amongst the first 250 traders to see his new guaranteed FOREX trading course.
But this offer won't last long so after you read this email get to Sure-Fire Forex Trading as quickly as you can before the other 249 traders.

Let me tell you why I am so excited. McRae has found a certain combination of simple indicators and technical analysis that can consistently and accurately tell you where to get into and out of the market with a massive profit and laser sharp accuracy.

You will not find this in any other book or web site, this is a unique discovery.
This simple technique has never been used in this combination before. I am not taking about some hypothetical mumbo jumbo here. He shows you exactly how to pinpoint your entry price, your exit price and where to put your stop loss. You also need a life! What is the point of making a fortune if you are stuck at the screen all day?

You need to be able to identify a trading opportunity within 5 minutes and then let the computer do the rest. That's why we invented computers, right! You will automatically know where to put your entry order, your stop loss order and your exit order.

This type of trading is very adaptable. You can day trade it or position trade it. It is totally up to you and how much time you have to trade. In fact you can trade and still keep your job.

Invest just 3 hours reading this instantly downloadable manual and Mark McRae will guarantee it will improve your trading. That is not an idle guarantee. He will literally let you have the whole course plus access to the "Traders Secret Library", plus all the bonuses for 56 days to look over at your leisure. If after 56 days you don't think this is the most revolutionary trading technique you have ever seen, just drop him a line and he will give you your money back. No questions asked. Now that's confident. See the site here

Scared Money Can't Win

You have to be able to trade with absolute confidence that your trading method works. You need to be able to place trades in the knowledge that you not only have the winning edge but that you have an unfair risk reward advantage.

This is where you can really nail the market. As a unique special bonus he is going to throw in his "Risk Probability Calculator".

The "Risk Probability Calculator" is an excel program which will not only tell you the best place to enter the market, it will tell you the best place to put your stop loss and give you an uncannily accurate forecast of where to take your profit.

When new traders start using the "Risk Probability Calculator" they can't believe how the market hits the levels predicted time after time. This one tool alone improves new traders results dramatically. The accuracy of the calculations are no accident. There is some very sound math's behind the calculator.

Using this exact method with the "Risk Probability Calculator" he pulled 495 (that's over $4,900) pips out the market in 8 days. Not only that but he did it without a losing trade. Here are some important facts about this method:

  • The whole method is fully disclosed. You don't have to subscribe or buy anything else.
  • The method is simple to learn and even a new trader should be able to master it in a day.
  • It can be adapted to suit any time frame. You can use it for intraday trading with 5 - minute charts or you can position trade it with daily or weekly charts.
  • The method is robust and logical - once you understand how everything works it will automatically make sense.
  • Large moves are automatically captured with very little proportional risk.
  • Even on 5 minute charts there is no need to stay glued to the screen. Once your information has been gathered and the criteria met - you can set it and go.

Remember there are only 250 courses left and we are amongst the very first to hear about it. The clock is ticking so visit and check out Sure-Fire Forex Trading while is offer is still available.

P.S. The first 250 traders get 10 amazing bonuses, including some of the hardest to find techniques in trading.

P.P.S. When you go to the web site you can listen via live audio to a professional Forex trader who was trained by McRae and has been using the method for over a year.
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SureFire Forex Trading Course