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The Master Trader

Why do some people almost always make money in the stock market, scoop up consistent trading profits, Monday to Friday, no matter if the market is up or down?. It’s no accident! This course show you all the important aspects of technical analysis and how to develop them into your own trading strategy that makes profits. Written by an active trader Jens Clever this ebook is full of practical and sound advice.

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The Way To Trade
The Way To Trade by John Piper is a recent new edition that has rapidly become a best seller. Lots of new ideas and fresh insights in how to trade successfully. Good for all markets, trading indices, stocks, e-minis, commodities, options, day-trading, swing trading, position trading, trend trading or Forex. Whether a beginner or fully experienced trader, you will find this product invaluable.

John Piper Stock Trading Book

Trading For Beginners
Written by a very successful trader this course reveals some of the most powerful trading methods ever devised. Once you have read this book you will be able to trade any financial market: Shares, S&P, Forex, Dow or Nasdaq. You name it you will be able to trade it and make money.

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Short Swing Trading

If you are still looking for a proven trading strategy then you simply MUST read this book.

It describes in detail the exact strategy the author uses in his own trading account averaging 11% PER MONTH return on capital - that's over 350% per year compound!.


Short Swing Trading